SC Story

In 1999 a group of dedicated women came together to impact the city of Atlanta, Georgia in planning and preparing for Ann Graham Lotz’s “Just Give Me Jesus” conference. Months after it was over, the women who had bonded together felt like there was still a work for them to do. The ministry birthed out of that original group is known today as Wellspring Living.

On September 27, 2003, Wellspring Living sponsored a Beth Moore event in the Philips Arena. It was a complete sell-out of twenty thousand tickets. It was only on Thursday, September 25 that I received a ticket to attend. During the conference, I saw a friend who once lived in SC and attended my church. During our conversation, she shared that Wellspring Living works with women 18-35 who were sexually abused as children. As she shared her story, I thought my heart would burst; not because I could relate to their abuse, but because I knew that was why I had received my ticket. I committed to the Lord that if that was why I was there, and this was what He wanted me to do in Spartanburg; I would follow His lead.

In January 2006, I visited Mary Frances Bowley, President of the Atlanta ministry. During our visit, she suggested that we might be able to be an affiliate of Wellspring Living. In November, their Board of Directors voted and approved that we can be part of their family. I believe that the Spartanburg location will be the first of many to come all across the United States.

The effects of sexual abuse show themselves in many ways:
-0ne out of four girls has her innocence stolen by sexual molestation.
– More than 75% of teenage prostitutes have been sexually abused
-4.2% of women suffer from an eating disorder.
-1% struggle with self-injury.
-7.7% are addicted to drugs and alcohol.

Wellspring for Women offers a safe place where motivated women (average ages 20 – 35) can receive hope and healing from childhood sexual abuse and other destructive behaviors. Wellspring provides a low-cost, residential program for women, consisting of six months in an intensive, therapeutic environment followed by six months of supported transition.

In order to guide women through the recovery process, Wellspring coaches provide 24-hour support and supervision by living in the home with the women. Our daily schedule will be structured to include an individualized curriculum of recovery that addresses physical, spiritual, relational, and emotional healing. A licensed counselor will provide weekly counseling sessions and group therapy classes three times per week. Program participants gain practical life skills through Connection Classes taught by volunteers from the community. We desire to see women take steps towards a healthy, physical lifestyle, being wise and connected in their positive community, and being a devoted disciple of Jesus Christ. After the six-month stay in the Wellspring Home, each woman enters into the Transition Home. During this time, the women will have the opportunity to make supported, wise decisions. The increased freedom will allow participants to begin living in healthy independence. By making career and education decisions, Wellspring participants will be able to practice healthy life choices with accountability and direction from God’s Word. This will also be a time for continued reconciliation of past relationships and the building of new community

The Atlanta ministry model has been able to achieve measurable success of 87%. We will adhere to the same standards of measure as our friends from Wellspring Living of Atlanta.

Wellspring is a very volunteer intensive ministry that utilizes men and women in the community. Women will be used in the home and store. Men will be used as needed with the logistics of store merchandise.

Wellspring Living|SC will open its doors to young women who may be living on our streets, working on our streets, coming out of our jails, working in our strip clubs, suffering with drug addictions and even from what we consider to be normal families. Their stories and circumstances may be different, but at the heart, their stories are the same – childhood sexual trauma. In talking with the Wellspring Living staff, one of the things that caught them by surprise is seeing the women who step up to become active volunteers , gain healing from their past hurts and pain as well as the women they are ministering to.

Having worked at Middle Tyger Community Center for the past ten years, collaboration is a part of who I am today. As the vision of Wellspring Living|SC is shared with churches, agencies, organizations and individuals across Spartanburg County, it has been embraced as a needed but missing piece in our community.

We are more than ready to get started. But the one thing we vow not to do is move beyond where God has led. We look forward to changing the world around us by changing the lives of the women entrusted to us by our Lord.�
Thanks for stopping by.

Susan M. High
Director Wellspring Living|SC